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Legendary Personalities can be community leaders who are being singled out as being worthy of praise and recognition, or persons who are held in great reverence by family members or friends who wish to make available to all who know them and those who may come after what a special life these people have led.

A lovely greeting card from a local card store can bring joy on a special day. Naming a star in the heavens after someone is clever and cute and may be just right for the person who has everything. Having a personal website created by Legendary Personalities takes things to an entirely different level.

1. New material can be added at any time, which keeps the website growing and bring more clarity as to the nature and personality of the person.

2. Special features such as "blogs", which allow visitors to the site to leave comments for other visitors to read; or videos that may depict the honoree singing or speaking or participating in certain life cycle events such as weddings.

3. The look and feel of the website can be selected from a wide variety of styles or a custom designed format can be developed to incorporate certain thematic material, a color or colors and or a special style.

4. Since the website is intended to be there for generations yet to come, the work done on it and the structure supporting it, by which we mean the HTML code behind the web design, is such that it can and will be upgraded to whatever technologies evolve to replace the current formats.

5. Sensitive material is protected by "key card" entry or "password" accessibility procedures.

6. Legendary Personalities websites are secure and will remain registered and in place on the World Wide Web or on whatever medium may supersede the web as we know it for 100 years.

Following, please find a brief list of Legendary Personalities for which we have created or will be creating a website. You are invited to visit them and see how things might look for your honoree.

Moses A. Birnbaum
Arthur Laurents
Joseph Pegrish
William Merritt Chase
Abraham Lincoln
Arthur Prysock
Attila Hejja
Lucius N. Littauer
Frank Lloyd Wright
Chauncy Ingram
Nathan Littauer
Louis L. Schwartz
Bernard Guttman
Lorand Marcel
Leo Spero
Martin Luther King, Jr
Shepard Wayne Melzer
Joseph B. Soloveitchik
Mark Z. Nason
Harry Starr
Floyd Patterson
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