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Web Site Development

Geoffrey Drew Marketing, Inc. can develop a website for your company, but so can tons of other companies. But, our way offers what we believe to be some unique opportunities for your consideration:

1. When we develop your website, you are the boss. That may sound like nothing, but if you ask around, you will hear some pretty horrible stories dealing with ruthless “bloodsucking” unscrupulous website developers who charge exorbitant rates and then get a strangulation hold over their clients in order to exact all kinds of fees for minimal service. These bandits are able to get away with such on-line highway robbery because of their unwittingly and uninformed clients, who buy the flash and get hamstrung by the small print of their website development agreements.

2. We develop your company’s website to make it appetizing to the search engines and appealing to visitors while incorporating the things that are most meaningful to your company’s mission and its way of doing business. We do it at reasonable rates and enable you or representatives of your company to edit and add to your site independently; again, making you your own boss.

3. Geoffrey Drew Marketing, Inc. remains available as a resource and guide for small tasks and can be engaged again for taskforce projects to expand or otherwise develop your website to the next level.

4. Geoffrey Drew Marketing, Inc. connects you to WestHost where your website can be hosted at reasonable rates and with exceptional service. But, more importantly without any intermediaries exacting fees for doing nothing and without the potential of your company’s website being taken off the web without your permission. There are website developers who use such “power” to extort monies from their clients in order to keep their websites in operation.

5. Geoffrey Drew Marketing, Inc. also enables those companies that want a web presence without having a website of its own to do so at minimal cost and with all kinds of special services described below.

There are plenty of companies that might benefit from a web presence but which would prefer to do without what might be considered the inevitable downside of being on the Web: dealing with what might be termed “the wrong calls” and tons of e-mails from people looking to “go direct” but with whom those companies are not geared to do business. The “wrong calls” can be very costly and there is basically no up side in having to tell a caller, “No” when all they are looking to do is find out about your products and services and perhaps avail themselves of them.

Geoffrey Drew Marketing, Inc. offers such companies the best of both worlds. We develop and post a web presence on our own website, that will have the look and feel of a stand-alone website and field the e-mails and calls of those interested in contacting your company, but with whom your company would do just as well without having to deal directly. Geoffrey Drew Marketing, Inc. would entertain such callers and direct them to appropriate distributors or service their needs directly thus shielding your staff from having to take time away from their work responsibilities in a more-often-than-not non ruminative activity.

Those customers who already have a relationship with your company and those who find your company’s contact information through more traditional means are able to interact with your company as before. It is only those inquirers who are new to your company who will be greeted by the trained and experienced staff of Geoffrey Drew Marketing, Inc. who will filter out the “wrong calls” and channel the “right calls” to just the right department and staff person at your company or to an appropriate channel as directed by your established instructions.

Your company’s web presence can even be expanded or extended to a stand-alone domain that is owned and operated by Geoffrey Drew Marketing, Inc. on behalf of your company to make the web presence more distictive and perhaps more effective (there are those who feel therre is actually a benifit in being part of a larger, older and well possessioned website than to simply begin from scratch with a new domain name) while continuing to free you and your staff from the work related to maintaining and monitoring it as described earlier.

The charges related to developing your company’s web presence and for serving as your company’s on-line host to filter the “right” from the “wrong” calls can be quoted based on an evaluation of your company’s particular needs. Please contact Geoffrey Drew Marketing, Inc. at (800)839-2929 or via Fax at (888)329-6287. We have posted a model of a typical Website Development Agreement for your review. The dollar amounts are presentewd for budjet purposes only. Please click HERE to review the details of the agreement.

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